enviroMate 100TM automated bait station

Can supply continuous pest control at an average cost of $43-50 per forested hectare per year.

Achieves dramatic catch results over all other pest control systems.

This is the most versatile and effective Pest Control tool now on the market.

enviroMate 100TM is an automated bait station designed and developed to meet New Zealand’s climate conditions and environmental challenges by Shane Hyde, Eco-land Ltd, a professional pest controller, hunter and trapper of pest animals.

enviroMate 100TM is made of a high-quality, strong plastic to be an enduring, easily transported, weather proof and poison safe tool for pest control work. The enviroMate 100TM was refined for manufacturing by a skilled electronic & plastics engineer and can be quickly manufactured in large quantities.

enviroMate 100TM is used as a stand-alone pest control tool dispensing lure and toxin over pre-programmed intervals of up to 3 weeks and alternatively it is used as a “trap-mate”- a pre-feeder to lure pests to conventional traps set nearby.