Working with enviroMate 100 TM s

The enviroMate 100 TM itself is a reasonably uncomplicated piece of equipment and easy to use. The myriad of strategies that it opens for pest control are a little more complex.

In uncharted forest terrain, without cut tracks , 4 – 7 units can be installed or serviced per hour with up to 60 units per 8 hr day along a walk line with sites at no more than 200m intervals. The limitation in servicing is carrying heavy buckets of rata bait or fera feed........ so careful pre-planning of what is essentially required to achieve good results is important.

enviroMate100 TM is specifically designed to safely and automatically release acute doses of possum and/or rat toxins as measured and regular presentations. This reduces hoarding by rats and means the toxins are distributed as economically as possible. An enviroMate100 TM fully loaded with rat bait can hold approx. 840 gms of Fera-feed or rata bait paste which, excluded from possums, is enough to target 13 rats. Once unit placement exceeds 200m apart along a line the costs rapidly increase to install and maintain. In remote sites we recommend that placing enviroMate100 TM units 200m apart along a line or “jumping “ units to the midway point along the line, every second visit , or when absence is displayed by no further bait take. This is economically and physically more achievable than carrying additional units to bulk up remote areas. If there was vehicle access, one person could easily manage a larger area, collecting and processing outside of the forest. Eg: 15 units per hour can be consistently maintained / serviced and possums recovered when motor bike access is available.

NB: The time to walk between units is the cost variable.

With enviroMate 100 TM carefully placed at 1 unit per 4 ha habitat

In cycle one expect to catch :

5-13 possums in a high density area

4-5 possums in a moderate to low density area

1-3 possums in a low density area.

In cycle two expect to catch :

0 -3 possums ( because after first round population is now at low density)

(The average possum capture on additional rounds is 0.75 -1 possum per enviroMate 100 TM

unit where non-controlled boundaries exist )

Continued boundary Control

Recent trials in a low possum density area indicate that boundary placements of enviroMate 100 TM,s programmed to deliver a new lure and cyanide presentation once every 3 rd day over 21 days increased possum capture dramatically. Rat bait can also be delivered at the same time.

Eco-land trials have identified that this consistent continued capture is the transient flow over the landscape. With sufficient border control, or control area expansion (preferably inclusive of rodent control) , internal self-monitoring , using the remaining enviroMate 100 TM’s on site, quickly display “no bait takes” - therefore pest absence.