enviroMate100 TM technology and results

(Initially designed by a hunter, for a hunter, himself !)

Being mindful of sustainable/ reusable practices, all parts of enviroMate100 TM are replaceable..

EnviroMate100 TM weighs 1 kg.

It is 160 mm high X 200 mm wide with the “veranda” extending over the entrance. When packed for transporting the “verandas” overlap.

A custom made pack is available to buy for packing enviroMate100 TM ‘s onto site. It holds EM 20 units.

A 200 ltr drum holds 35 EM units – ideal for helicopter transporting into the centre of a block.

Two custom made tools come with each box of 12. One assists releasing the feeding compartment, and the other assists to flip out the battery drawer or the perspex cover over the program board. These can all be done without tools, but tools make it easier! EnviroMate100 TM has been designed to work with excluders to reduce the food compartment entrance so specific pests can be excluded while targeting others. E.g. a mouse excluder allows just mice to access the lure/toxin in the food compartment tray. A wasp excluder allows only wasps in.