User Testimonials

“My experience using the enviromate has shown very positive results targeting both possums and rats. I have found it to be very user friendly and non -problematic.”

Regards Troy

“Shane has used the enviromate 100 on our property with amazing results. I used to get at least one possum a night in my kill traps, now it's more like two a month and we get to eat our citrus fruit!”

Cheers Aaron

"As an experienced operator of enviroMate100, I have found enviroMate100 to be a very effective, efficient and safe poison delivery system which successfully targets possums, rats and mice".

David Maxwell Environmental Scientist

"The enviroMate100 is a game changer and force multiplier - one service provides 28 days of continuous pest control and monitoring, keeping pest

numbers down and landowners happy."

Martin Schmid (pest control contractor for the Minehapua Landcare group)

“Kauri Cliffs Station has been on a full time pest control program for the last 22 years. We have been using the EnviroMate 100 automated feeders for the last 12 months and have witnessed nothing but positive results in kill rates with both possum and rat control. The ability to visit these units every 14 days has freed up valuable labour time and its user friendly controls plus the knowledge you are providing a fresh bait or kill opportunity every night until you return for its next service is extremely satisfying.”

Andy Wood Kauri Cliff,s Golf Course manager

"A bait station having significant points of difference"

Simon Kelton (DOC 2019)

"Its a smart feeder"

Bruce Warburton (Land care research 2013)