User Testimonials

During Feracon’s experience with enviroMate traps we have found them every easy to deploy, set and check with good results. Maximum possum kills(10 cyanide pills 10 kills) in high population areas with minimal rat damage which is always a problem when we use other Cyanide based methods/bait stations. We’ve found through trail camera evidence that possums come in check out the traps with more and more visits each cycle so obviously they love the prefeed stage, once on the toxin cycle they aren’t hesitant to feed. We use the 14 day cycle rotating every 2 nights with 7 stages, pre-feeding our own possum lures this method seems to have had the best results for us. Positioning on natural feed paths, nice open bush and bush pasture margins has thus far being the most effective. You don’t necessarily have to set on a feed tree either just a nice visible place once they get a taste more and more possums will continue to show up. Which makes it great for users with limited knowledge of possums feeding habits. These traps are also a great alternative when landowners don’t want rat toxins where secondary poisoning is a risk. One negative our crew has had with the traps are the soft plastic braking, as possum trappers aren’t the most gentle of people, loaded packs on slippery terrain people fall things brake.

Overall we have had excellent results with enviroMate traps. we recommend them and we still continue to use them to this day which speaks for itself. Shane the Owner/developer awesome to deal with goes the extra mile to help out when and where ever possible.


The Enviromate100 I have found to be a good tool that is not required to be maintained on a daily basis by a human which in my eyes is a great tool .

Basically a set and forget situation means you are not leaving human sent on the tool .

You are also not under pressure to check daily like leg hold traps

Even with the possum kill traps you are required to clean them out other wise you are not catching

The Enviromate100 is a unmanned tool that you can set in those areas or remote areas that human does not get to on a regular basis

When I first was given the chance to trial the Enviromate100 I jumped at the chance and it has proved itself to take care of the task at hand .

Adrian Mills

“My experience using the enviromate has shown very positive results targeting both possums and rats. I have found it to be very user friendly and non -problematic.”

Regards Troy

“Shane has used the enviromate 100 on our property with amazing results. I used to get at least one possum a night in my kill traps, now it's more like two a month and we get to eat our citrus fruit!”

Cheers Aaron

"As an experienced operator of enviroMate100, I have found enviroMate100 to be a very effective, efficient and safe poison delivery system which successfully targets possums, rats and mice".

David Maxwell Environmental Scientist

"The enviroMate100 is a game changer and force multiplier - one service provides 28 days of continuous pest control and monitoring, keeping pest

numbers down and landowners happy."

Martin Schmid (pest control contractor for the Minehapua Landcare group)

“Kauri Cliffs Station has been on a full time pest control program for the last 22 years. We have been using the EnviroMate 100 automated feeders for the last 12 months and have witnessed nothing but positive results in kill rates with both possum and rat control. The ability to visit these units every 14 days has freed up valuable labour time and its user friendly controls plus the knowledge you are providing a fresh bait or kill opportunity every night until you return for its next service is extremely satisfying.”

Andy Wood Kauri Cliff,s Golf Course manager

"A bait station having significant points of difference"

Simon Kelton (DOC 2019)

"Its a smart feeder"

Bruce Warburton (Land care research 2013)