enviroMate 100 TM as a trapmate ?

The automated function of delivering prefeed over many days means enviroMate100TM is a very catch enhancing trapmate when used in conjuction with other traps.

Near the end of the pre-feeding cycle programmed into

the enviroMate 100 TM, traps, up to six traps per enviroMate

100 TM , in areas of high density, are carried into each enviroMate

100 TM site and set nearby.

Jim Lewis from Wairoa is a leading N.Z trapper, he has very successfully worked with enviroMate100 TMs and leg hold traps in his Ospri operations for nearly two years now. He suggests "trappers need to get wiser not put more traps out or go faster". Eco-land Ltd respects and appreciates Jims assistance, innovative approach and dedication to task. Jim knows how to reduce operation costs during leg hold trapping operations, whilst still succeeding in performance based targets set!

Shane, who has a poisons license, uses enviroMate

100 TM s as automated pre-feeders AND poisoners

alongside his traps

The biggest efficiency gained in using enviroMate100 TMs, is the funnelling / drawing in, effect that the enviroMate100 TM facilitates as pests develop trust and familiarisation with the enviroMate100 TM on site. The longer the pre-feed stage the better, giving time to draw in pests from long distances away, prior to finally setting traps or poisoning, thus maximising and concentrating the “catch” to just one or two days.

What is most important to understand, is that “pre feeding “ is the basis

of a successful pest control operation, not the toxin or traps.

Pre-feeding fosters animal trust and interaction prior to administering toxin or

prior to setting the traps.