Why is the enviroMate 100 TM so effective ?

”It is not just the technology, it is the fundamental change in pest control strategy it enables”

The enviroMate 100 TM bait station is automated - designed to run unattended delivering fresh lure seven times over 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 week period. The targeted pests ( possums, rodents) once discovering that there is a regular “dinner” at the enviroMate 100 TM site return to it nightly, usually several times in a night, to partake. Because they start to turn up every night at the enviroMate 100 TM “restaurant” , mustelids and cats quickly learn where their prey is concentrating. They also start coming to check out the site of the enviroMate 100 TM

Lure , cyanide or Feratox for possums Raccumin Mice & D blocks (silicone in) 850 gms Ferafeed /RataBait Paste for rats

The pest population density in the area being worked is the basis for determining how long to program the enviroMate 100 TM to hold each of the seven internal compartments of lure open and exposed before the enviroMate 100 TM rotates the compartment tray on to reveal the next offering of lure (or toxin) in the following compartment.

Alternatively, an operator holding a poisons license can load the enviroMate100 TM to deliver cyanide toxin from the seventh compartment in the first cycle of lure only delivery. When returning to collect possums and record data after the first cycle has run, the enviroMate100 TM can be reloaded with cyanide poison mixed in the lure as well as rat bait being placed on top for the second cycle.

After the second cycle has completed or when it is considered the pests have successfully been supressed the enviroMate 100 TM can be reloaded with lure / toxin and left on site running on a 3 week cycle to maintain the lowered population gains and monitor for pest absence or presence.