Results : The enviroMate Way

Results when working with the enviroMate Way

Mohaka Forest Results

The 2018/2019 years required 4 operators and endless trapping days

2019 / 2020 years using enviroMate100 TM as automated bait stations continuously dispensing lure adjacent to traps ( no poison) was under taken by two trappers, requiring considerably less visits to sites because the day of capture could be planned.

BMI means Bite Mark Index. It is a monitor system that uses wax tags to gauge teeth mark imprints.

RTC is Residual Trap Catch using leg hold traps as a monitor system.

RTC is the historic reference and 0% RTC is 5% BMI (OSPRI) or 7% BMI (DOC). The conversion is used to pre-empt a desired low or high population.

The target of this work was 15% BMI and that would be 3 % RTC Ospri aim to eventually get to 2% RTC as a target for TB management.

The years 2018/2019 averaged 16.44 BMI %

The year 2019/2020 using enviroMates averaged 7.01 BMI%